Escape near Tampa: Discover natural springs for a refreshing retreat in 2023. Embrace nature's beauty and tranquility

27 November 2023

In this web story we are going to explore most beautiful natural Florida springs near Tampa Bay,

Florida springs

From renting a kayak to cruising down the meandering canals we have a beautiful serene oasis surrounded by lush vegetation. locations to visit.

Meandering canals

Meandering canals

This springs are conveniently located in Lithia near the Fishhawk area which has beautiful swimming area and fresh spring water.

Lithia Springs:

One of the family favourite Weeki Wachee Spring's has most famous mermaid show and only spring-fed waterpark in Florida.

Weeki Wachee Springs: 

In this tour you will be allowed to see the spring from different perspective and it also offers boat ride with $2 admission fee.

Silver Springs State Park: 

Within a short distance from Orlando this spring as some of the best activity such as biking, swimming, hiking, and fishing.

Alexander Springs: 

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