Encounter 'Big John' Pioneers: Discover the Faces Behind Tampa's Iconic Landmark


26 November 2023

Big John has been traveling the world since it's discovery in 2014 at Hell Creek Formation at South Dakota.

Big John

The colossal dinosaur was auctioned at paris in 2021. Everyone is curious about who purchased him and today's we'll find out that. locations to visit.

Colossal dinosaur

Walter Stein who is a paleontologist found Big John in his research. And he has worked on more than 30 dinosaur skeletons.

Walter Stein

When he was outing back in 2014 he found one horn of a dinosaur which was he noticed was of a Triceratops.


Sidd Pagidipati who has been in love with this field since his childhood purchased 'Big John' the triceratops.

Sidd Pagidipati

Due to his passion for dinosaurs, he bought 'Big John' in an auction for an whopping price of $7.7 million.

$7.7 million

In the article mentioned below have a detailed information about discovery of Big John the triceratops and who bought and much more.