Organize Legos with Bricksmarts

Lego Expert Shares 5 Ways to Organize Your Child’s Legos

Organize Legos with BricksmartsLast year after stepping on Legos in virtually every room of my house, I decided it was time to get organized. As the mom of two Lego-breathing, Lego-loving boys who have spent hours putting together these popular little bricks, I was used to Legos covering every inch of our playroom. It was when they started spilling over into the kitchen and bathroom that I had to say enough was enough! I have to admit that the task seemed a little overwhelming at first. Some of the sets were missing pieces, some of the older sets were unrecognizable, and some were missing mini figures and manuals. I honestly had no idea where to begin.

  1. Start with the Sets

First we took all sets that were nearly complete, and placed them in zipper baggies along with their manuals and respective mini figures. My boys were not so happy about breaking down the sets that they had worked so hard on, but I convinced them that they would enjoy putting them back together again and again.


  1. Bring Out the Bins

Organize Legos with BricksmartsAll our loose pieces and bulk Legos then went into a Rubbermaid bin. I’ll be honest: It wasn’t a quick process. We spent several weeks sorting the bulk bin by color, shape and size. Lucky for me, I had some eager little helpers for the sorting and organizing process.

When sorting and organizing your Legos, you don’t have to break the bank with fancy organization containers. The good news is that you can use anything that you already have at home. We used medium-sized plastic containers with lids to sort our pieces by color. For the larger pieces I recommend buying a 10-pack of aluminum food storage containers. These are great because they are reusable, stackable and very inexpensive.


  1. Sort Small Pieces Separately

Organize Legos with BricksmartsI recommend organizing the mini figures and accessories into small bead boxes. They have individual compartments, which make finding that perfect Lego head or weapon a breeze! Bead boxes are great for storage because they have a locking lid. This way all your hard work isn’t lost if your little Lego fanatic knocks over the box! I also recommend sorting through and creating separate storage for wheels and base plates. This will make it easy when your Master Builder decides to start her next masterpiece.


  1. Mix Them Up

Organize Legos with BricksmartsAlthough I like having most of our Lego collection sorted and neatly organized, I feel that it is still important to have a bin of bulk mixed Lego bricks. In my experience, it adds to the creativity and the therapeutic process of sifting through the pile to find that perfect piece.



  1. Make Cleanup Easier

Do you hate picking up all those Legos after your little ones are finished building? Lay down a tablecloth on the floor before you dump out the bin. Once the kids are finished, just pile the bricks on the tablecloth, fold in the corners and there you have it—in less than a couple of seconds, cleanup is over (until next time).