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A Challenge for a Champion Community: 3 ways to stake a stand for Feeding Tampa Bay   

Across Tampa Bay, we have grown accustomed to one powerful shared experience: becoming champions. With our local sports teams bringing home victories, we share in what it’s like to be a champion. And yet, one in four children in our region experience hunger, a hurdle no one should have to mount.

Hunger impacts more than those who are in need; it’s an “everyone problem.” Lack of consistent access to food has a long-term impact on our community’s future, the future our children will one day inherit as their own. Having access to food is at the core of a healthier community. Ensuring universal access is how we endeavor to end hunger – a feat fit for a champion.

At Feeding Tampa Bay, we believe our community’s mindset can transform the region for generations to come. Through our collective action, we prove that we are unstoppable when we stand together. All of us have a responsibility to ensure every child, family and senior in our region has access to food and a brighter future.

Ending hunger is a vested interest for us all. Here is how you can stake your stand for a hunger-free community:

We Stand for Healthy Families, Full Bellies and Brighter Futures

Food nourishes potential. Consistent, reliable access to nutritious meals helps children focus on school, overcome learning roadblocks and lead healthier lives.

Feeding Tampa Bay leads initiatives like Feeding Minds School Pantries, which enable access for children and their families on school campuses. With 32 school pantry offerings, kids across our community can focus on just being kids – and parents can rest knowing they have resources to help care for their families.

Complementing our school pantries, we believe in education. Our Nutrition Education program teaches the importance of healthy foods and impacts of nutrition, highlighting the powerful effects of long-term healthy eating and providing resources to help families improve their daily diet.

As a community of champions, we can act on our collective responsibility to end hunger.

  • Advocate: Your voice is powerful – imagine the possibilities when united with voices of families across our community! Speak out for neighbors in need by sharing Feeding Tampa Bay’s mission on social media and among conversations with your friends and family.
  • Volunteer: The gift of time is priceless, and Family Night volunteering at our warehouse is a rewarding way to involve your children in serving our community.
  • Stake Your Stand: The most monumental change starts at home. Through Dec. 31, when you donate through our Stake Your Stand webpage, you will help provide meals to neighbors and receive a flag to proudly display and show how you stand for ending hunger.

These efforts ladder up to one tremendous goal: unlocking potential for a brighter future. This movement takes more than fleeting support. It’s a legacy that will cause a ripple effect for generations to come.

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It starts with you and your family, today.

Stake your stand to transform our region for generations to come. To learn more, visit feedingtampabay.org/stand.

*Presented by Feeding Tampa Bay | Originally Published in the December 2021 issue of Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine.