Big League Fun exhibit now open at Glazer Children’s Museum!

Big League Fun exhibit now open at Glazer Children’s Museum!

Big League Fun at Glazer Children’s Museum will be on display through May 15, 2022.

The roar of the crowd hits my ears before I even find my seat. As the smell of hotdogs and popcorn fills the air, a wave of nostalgia passes over me.

I look down at my daughters and smile – I’m excited to share America’s pastime with them. When I was growing up, the neighborhood dads would take us kids to baseball games.

It was magical – connecting with my dad just as he had with his dad. As an adult now with children of my own, I realize the extraordinary power of the game—a tradition passed down from generation to generation; the perfect arena for family bonding.

That’s why I am so excited that the Glazer Children’s Museum has partnered with the Tampa Bay Rays to bring Big League Fun, a traveling exhibit that immerses visitors in the exciting world of baseball.

The 2,000 square-foot hands-on experience, partly funded by the Rays Baseball Foundation, features fun activities, simulated game experiences and trivia challenges that promote important educational concepts for children and engage fans of all ages. From Spring Training to the World Series, visitors will be able to explore the ins and outs of baseball season.

Test your skills!

Get tips for proper pitching, throwing, fielding, hitting and base-running. Head to the bullpen and pitch into the strike zone; perfect your swing and step up to the plate; lead off, run to second or back to the bag; throw from the infield or outfield with simulated plays; and grab a glove for catching practice.

Explore the world of professional baseball.

Snap your photo in front of a special backdrop, and customize your own team logo, player name and uniform using the graphic design station.

In the clubhouse, check the schedule, roster, batting order and stats; explore the history of the game; and learn about the diverse backgrounds of MLB players. Pretend to be the announcer and deliver a play-by-play using real game clips and sound effects.

Learn about the teams that make up Major League Baseball, vocabulary and rules, and how to calculate statistics.

Be immersed in the ballpark experience!

Tune into radio broadcasts, fill out your scorecard and gear up with pre-game activities. Then head for the stadium arches and hear the ballpark come alive!

Big League Fun at Glazer Children's Museum
Kevin Kiermaier of the Tampa Bay Rays and his son Karter (3) and wife Marisa experiencing ‘Big League Fun’ at Glazer Children’s Museum.

Catch All-Star information, bloopers and more on the scoreboard, then join the crowd for the seventh-inning stretch. Answer trivia questions, calculate batting averages and solve physics-themed challenges. Recreate the ballpark experience with props, costumes and fun math and literacy activities at ticket sales and concessions.

This exhibit is sure to engage the next generation of baseball fans and provide plenty of nostalgia for lifelong fans. We’ll see you on the pitcher’s mound!

WATCH our INSIDE LOOK at ‘Big League Fun’ at Glazer Children’s Museum! Even Kevin Kiermaier of the Tampa Bay Rays and his family had to experience it!