Brick Dinos are Roaring into MOSI this Month! cover

INSIDE LOOK: Brick Dinos at MOSI

Get ready to go on a prehistoric adventure and encounter dinosaurs up close in a bricktastic way! The Brick Dinos exhibit is stomping into MOSI with an all-new EPIC experience you won’t want to miss!

Brick Dinos features dinosaurs and scenes from the Jurassic era made entirely out of LEGO bricks by artist Warren Elsmore who teamed up with paleontologists to help bring these amazing creatures to life.

“No matter how old we are, dinosaurs have the power to capture our sense of wonder—and LEGO bricks capture our creativity. When you assemble those pieces together to create Brick Dinos, the results are inspiring,” said MOSI CEO, John Graydon Smith.

MOSI Brick Dinos Ammonite
MOSI Brick Dinos Ammonite LEGO sculpture. Photo by Laura Byrne.

What does Brick Dinos include?

The exhibit features an array of displays from miniature scenes to a life-size encounter with a 12-foot-long raptor-like dinosaur called Masaiakasaurus. Discover dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes that span the skies, oceans, and earth.

Stand beneath the skeleton of one of history’s biggest dinos! Uncover fossils from beneath the sands of the Dinovations Dig and step into the footprint of a mighty dinosaur with your entire family.

Craft your very own dinosaur masterpiece using LEGO bricks to help enhance MOSI’s Jurassic scene and test your ingenuity with LEGO Build Challenges in the IdeaZone maker space. Learn about the earliest days of our planet with the 360-degree movie, Birth of the Earth, and then head to the Dinovations Lab to create your own dinosaur movie.

MOSI Brick Dinos Benson family horizontal image
Snap a photo in front of one of the dino sculptures like WFLA’s Josh Benson and his family! Photo by Laura Byrne.

Exhibit Details

Brick Dinos is included in MOSI General Admission.

  • When: May 1-September 3, 2024
  • Where: MOSI, 4801 E. Fowler Ave., Tampa, FL 33617
  • Hours: Sunday-Saturday from 10 am-5 pm
  • Website:

That’s not all! Check out what else is NEW at MOSI!

Wow yourself this summer with two new 360-degree movies debuting at MOSI, Tampa’s Museum of Science & Industry! Birth of Planet Earth and Experience the Aurora are joining MOSI’s lineup of immersive movies each day—and before each movie, one of MOSI’s space experts will take you on a tour of the stars inside the Saunders Planetarium.

MOSI 360
Image Credit MOSI

Birth of Planet Earth

Scientists now believe that our galaxy is filled with solar systems, including up to a billion planets roughly the size of our own. This film explores some of the greatest questions in science today: How did Earth become a living planet in the wake of our solar system’s violent birth? What does its history tell us about our chances of finding other worlds that are truly Earth-like?

Experience the Aurora

Watch nature’s most stunning light show as you see the winter sky come to life before your eyes. The Aurora Borealis, commonly known as the Northern Lights, shimmers and glistens in a breathtaking display as it puts on a magnificent natural light show.

A 360-degree movie and planetarium experience is free for MOSI Members and only $5 in addition to regular admission.


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