We’re proud of what we produce – both in print, online, and in our community.  We create content keeping these core principles in mind:

1. Principles

At Tampa Bay Parenting, we adhere to a set of core principles to guide our content creation:

  • Quality over quantity: We focus on providing insightful, meaningful content that helps parents navigate their journey rather than trying to cover every single topic. Our aim is to provide relevant, useful information that makes parenting easier.
  • Trustworthy information: We consult with leading experts in childcare, education, psychology, and health to ensure our content is accurate and reliable. While we cover a range of topics, we always prioritize the facts and ensure our information is backed by authoritative sources.
  • Community-centric: Our content is created with our readers’ needs in mind. We welcome and encourage feedback to help us understand and address the needs and concerns of parents in Tampa Bay.

2. Fact-Checking

We hold our content to high standards of journalistic integrity. Each piece is carefully reviewed and fact-checked to ensure accuracy. This process includes cross-referencing information with peer-reviewed studies and up-to-date clinical research. If information isn’t directly quoted from a recognized expert, we verify it against trusted, peer-reviewed sources and cite these within the article.

3. Editorial Team & Contributors

Our editorial team and contributors are professionals with expertise in their respective fields. They are carefully selected based on their experience, knowledge, and commitment to unbiased reporting. We ensure any potential biases or conflicts of interest are declared and managed appropriately. Our team has years of experience conducting interviews, researching topics thoroughly, and writing evidence-based articles that answer your most pressing parenting questions.

4. Corrections & Updates

While we strive for accuracy in all our content, we acknowledge that information can change over time. We regularly review and update our content to reflect the most recent research and developments. Should you find an error or outdated information, please contact our editor at editor@tampabayparenting.com.

5. Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that all parents, regardless of their background, deserve to be heard and represented. We strive for diversity and inclusivity in our content, ensuring that it resonates with all members of our community. We actively seek contributions from diverse voices and perspectives, and we commit to continuously improving our representation of all parents.

6. Editorial Ethics

While we work with a variety of sources and agencies to stay updated on the latest developments in parenting, we maintain strict ethical standards. We do not accept payment in exchange for coverage, and we only recommend products or services that we believe are beneficial for our readers. Our team adheres to FTC disclosure guidelines and ensures transparency in all our content.

7. Product Reviews

We are dedicated to providing honest, comprehensive reviews of products relevant to parents. Our reviews are based on thorough research, expert insights, and in some cases, personal testing. While we may receive a commission from purchases made through our site, this does not influence our recommendations. Our reviews are entirely independent, and any products sent to us for consideration are reviewed impartially.  At Tampa Bay Parenting, we strive to be your trusted guide on your parenting journey, offering high-quality, reliable, and inclusive content. We welcome your feedback as we continue to enhance our coverage and serve our community.

8. Privacy & Terms

We respect the privacy of our readers and contributors. Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for more information about how we collect, use, and protect your data.

9. Advertising Policy

While we work with advertisers to fund our platform, we maintain a clear distinction between editorial and advertising content. Sometimes an advertising partner will pay us money to post an article on our website; any of these types of articles will be clearly marked as such. Our advertising relationships do not influence our editorial decisions.  Additionally, we sometimes use affiliate links, where if you click on a link, we may earn a commission.

We hope these guidelines provide a clear understanding of our commitment to accuracy, integrity, and inclusivity in our content. We strive to provide a valuable resource for parents in Tampa Bay and appreciate your continued support and feedback.