How to Encourage Your Child’s Creativity Through Hobbies

“A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away.” ~ Phyllis McGinley

May is National Photography month. Photography continues to be one of the most accessible and popular hobbies for adults and kids alike. Hobbies help kids stay busy and creative during long summer days.

Without the structure of the typical school day, hobbies can provide an outlet for creative energy and the chance for students to choose their own library adventure based on their unique interests.

Because hobbies are not connected to schoolwork or testing, children are free to forge their own learning path and self-educate on a beloved topic. Whether it is photography, birdwatching, cooking or painting, the library offers a variety of option to help kids create, learn independently and engage their hobbies and interests.

Get Access Anytime with HAAL Pass

The Hillsborough All Access Libraries (HAAL) Pass allows Hillsborough County Public School students to borrow physical or digital items using their Student Identification Number. HAAL Pass is a virtual library card for use inside a public library or online at HCPLC.org.

Use the HAAL Pass (or a regular library card) to read ebooks and digital magazines, listen to audio books and access digital research tools such as World Book. HAAL Pass allows young hobbyists to access a world of information while travelling, relaxing poolside or are between summer excursions.

Physical Resources: Learn by Doing

Did you know that the library has human skeleton models, telescopes and ukulele kits available to check out and use at home? Our wide variety of print books and DVDs may be the most well-used of the library’s physical collections; however, they are not the only resources available to provide young hobbyists with a hands-on, tactile experience.

Educational games and models of the human brain or parts of a flower are available at select libraries. Ukulele kit availability may vary, but the kits can be placed on hold for pickup at the branch of your choice.

Digital Spotlight Magazines Via Libby, all ages can enjoy!

A variety of hobby-focused digital magazines including National Geographic Kids, Smart Photography, Minecraft World and Cooking Light. Digital magazines may be checked out and read on a computer, mobile phone or tablet.

Digital magazines on demand allow kids to explore their chosen craft and learn more about their hobbies anytime, anywhere.

Digital Spotlight – Mango Languages

For young hobbyists who are learning new languages, preparing for international travel or communicating with far-flung friends and family, Mango Languages is the perfect way to keep young brains sharp on lazy summer days. Mango Languages prepares learners to converse and communicate in realistic, everyday terms in over 70 world languages, launching young explorers on the language adventure of a lifetime!

Hobbies foster a love of learning that will last a lifetime and provide both creative challenge and solace for long summer days. With summer approaching, parents looking to provide options for engagement, education and entertainment should consider the library a partner in inspiring kids to create, innovate and discover a new hobby.

For more information, explore the library website at www.HCPLC.org or plan a visit to your local public library for expert guidance on how to access all of these resources.

All photos provided by Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library.

*Originally published in the May 2022 issue of Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine.