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Extraordinary Woman Kimberly Guy

Kimberly Guy is president of both St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital and St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital in Tampa. She moved to Tampa in 2005 to begin her career at St. Joseph’s, which is part of the BayCare Health System.

“I feel very fortunate for the opportunity to have a positive impact on the health and well-being of two different sets of patients – women and children of all ages,” Guy says.

Both hospitals have been a significant part of the Tampa Bay community for decades.

St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital is the third largest children’s hospital in Florida and provides more acute medical and surgical pediatric care than all other hospitals in Hillsborough County. St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital is the largest provider of health care services exclusively for women in Florida and runs the busiest maternity unit in the Tampa Bay area and the second busiest in the state.

Kimberly grew up in Rochester, NY, and one of her earliest goals was to move south, away from the snow. She graduated from the University of Richmond with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, and went on to obtain a master’s degree in health administration from Duke University.

She’s been married to her husband Allen for 22 years and has two children, 19-year-old Danielle and 16-year-old Devin.


What do you think is the secret to your family’s success?
Our faith, sense of humor and love of life. We really love hanging out together, and since we all have busy schedules, we make the most out of the moments we do have with each other. We also make a point to have dinner together as a family as much as possible.



What is your biggest fear?

Disappointing others. I don’t like letting people down and worry that I might not meet someone’s expectation or follow through with something I committed to doing. That and snakes — yuck!


What advice would you give to other women?

Commit to keeping a good balance between family life and your career. My family keeps me grounded, and helps remind me of the need for a good balance. It’s definitely a challenge, but such an important thing to do. When you’re with your family, make the most out of your time together — be present, engaged and involved and have fun. There’s no denying that today’s technology makes it easier than ever to multitask, but I think it’s so important to unplug during family time. I really want my family to know that they have my undivided attention. And don’t be so hard on yourself. There will always be more things that need to get done at work and at home, and chances are, you’ll probably be the one expected to get it done. Realize that most of the time you won’t get everything on your to-do list done, and be OK with that.


What is your proudest moment?

The thing I’m most proud of is my family and all that they do to positively impact the lives of others every day. My husband is a long-time volunteer for several nonprofit organizations that support underprivileged kids, special needs students and other families in need. My children are following in his footsteps, and have not only spent countless hours volunteering with my husband, but have started some of their own outreach projects. My husband and kids give their time so selflessly and joyfully, and I just love who they are and who they are becoming. They are great role models to me and all who know them.


How do you relax and take time for yourself? 

I love to travel, eat at good restaurants, and spend time with my family. When I really need to unwind and de-stress, going for a swim or chasing after the dogs usually does the trick.


How do you enjoy or draw information from the magazine?

I enjoy finding out about activities and events happening in the Tampa Bay community. It’s a great resource for parents who are looking for ways to keep their kids healthy and safe, ideas on how to become more involved in their community, inspirational stories and more.


What is your favorite thing to do with your kids in Tampa Bay? 

Going to the beach or eating out at our favorite restaurants. We make it a point to eat dinner together as a family at home, but occasionally we treat ourselves to a night out at a nice restaurant.


Who is your biggest inspiration or role model?

I am most inspired by those who choose to change other people’s lives for the better. I’m so grateful to be surrounded by people who are dedicated to helping others, from my family to the team I work with at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital and St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital. Our caregivers are there day after day delivering babies, performing open heart surgery on children born with congenital heart defects, helping kids battle leukemia and other childhood cancers and women who are fighting breast cancer. They are there for families during some of the best and worse times in life. I don’t have what it takes to do all these things, but I think it’s so cool that I get to work and live with people who do.