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Hey, mama! Tampa Bay blogger hosts coffee meet ups for moms

Hey, mama—have you ever felt like you needed to get away from the duties of mom life? Or at least find a tribe that can relate to what you’re going through? There’s nothing worse than trying to explain your day-to-day life to your significant other and them not being able to relate one bit!

Why I started monthly coffee meet ups for local moms

As a mom with three kids ranging from 4 – 13 years old, the COVID-19 lockdown was often a hard task to handle. Feeling like you had nowhere to run or hide and having your kids call your name hundreds of times throughout the day left moms feeling a little out of whack and overwhelmed. Studies have shown that cases of anxiety and depression in women skyrocketed from 2020.

That’s why I started hosting monthly meetups every second Friday of the month. After a year of feeling isolated from “normal” life, I knew I had to do something to climb out of the rut I was in. Typically, stay-at-home moms and moms who work out of the home have different experiences when it comes to our mom duties. But COVID changed all of that. ALL moms had to take on additional duties and roles while continuing being the mom and principal care giver of the family.

I knew I wasn’t the only mom who needed to find a way to recharge and lend a listening ear to friends who were feeling the same overwhelming feelings I was.

It’s been very therapeutic to host these coffee dates and explore different shops around Tampa Bay. I love getting all the feedback from moms who come and say this is just what they needed. It’s not a networking event; just a safe space for moms to vent, laugh and cry together. It’s a judgement-free zone and kids are welcome to attend if you don’t have childcare.

We don’t want to have barriers for moms not to attend. Come as you are and join us! All moms are welcome to join me every second Friday of the month. The location changes monthly so be sure to follow my blog “The Fun Foodie Mama” on Instagram & Facebook to stay in the know.

Originally published in the May 2022 issue of Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine

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