Bayshore Christian Fourth Grade

Kids to Know: Bayshore Christian School’s Fourth Grade Class

Every fall at Bayshore Christian School, the fourth grade classes gather to plan for a market. The products, packaging and prices are determined individually by each nine and ten year old student. However, they decide collectively how the profits from the project will be used.

While they learned how to execute a successful business, they also discussed populations in need around the country that they could support. How they came to the decision to support kids in our Tampa Bay community and build a relationship with a local nonprofit organization is everything that is right in the world today.


What is the 4th grade market? 

Emery Johnson: The fourth grade sells fun items to other kids in the school, and the money goes to charity. The items have to be made by us.

Nick Marchetti: Fourth graders make a bunch of stuff for younger and older kids to buy. We price the items from $1-$5. We sell out of items by the end of two days. Then, we donate to a charity that we have chosen.


What do you do leading up to the market event? 

Ella Tingley: First, we chose and created items that were different from each other. Then, we learned about pricing, packaging and promoting the products so we could make the most money. In the third week, we talked about different causes and charities. Our class chose to focus only on needs in Tampa, and we agreed who the money from the market would support.


How did the fourth grade choose to help children over any other group that may need help (animals, environment, adults)?

Olivia Dzierbun: Our class thought about a lot of ways to help, but helping kids in our own city felt special. Through the Heart Gallery, we had the chance to make a real difference in the lives of kids, especially those without families.

Chifra Ebenezer: We had a class vote and we all decided to help kids together. I feel like if I were a kid that needed it, I would want the help too. I have a friend who was fostered, so I understand how important it is to help.


Describe what happens at the market.

Gabriella Reyes: We have a store set up in the fourth grade classrooms. All of the kids at Bayshore Christian School get to shop the market. They give money for things they like. I had 36 bookmarks to sell!


How did you choose the charity that you wanted to support with the fourth grade market funds?

Zoe Fruehauf: We all voted. I knew about foster kids because my mom volunteers all over the community, and she tells me who she helps. She is the one that told me about kids without parents, so I shared that with everyone.


What about the Heart Gallery was something you felt was important to support?

Luke Sullivan: I liked that this was a group where you could see who you help because they show pictures of kids looking for their forever families.

Liam Dunfey: The kids we saw in the video were confident in their hope to find a family.

Tyler Lynch: The part about experiencing Christmas and their birthdays…these kids need to have those special experiences too.

Juliette Gallina: That we are helping kids that dont have families. I just cant imagine my Mommy and Daddy not being here today, or being taken away from my house and put into a new one over and over again.


How much did you make to donate?

Stella Cruz: Over $2,000! We raised this much money because a lot of kids came into the market and liked our stuff and we sold out very quickly. I didnt think we would raise that much money!

Daniel McNamara: I was very surprised we earned so much when everything was priced so low. I hope the money will help the kids find homes and get some stuff for Christmas.


What did you learn from this experience?

Amaris Gonzalez: That not everyone has a family. And some kids dont want a lot, they just want a family. It made me feel good to help the Heart Gallery kids.

Harper Odom: That some kids dont get as many things as other kids do, but if we try to help, they could have a better life. And if we help them, they are more likely to grow up to help other people too!


How has this class project for the Heart Gallery made you feel about all the good you can do as a fourth grader in Tampa Bay?

Whinnie St. Clair: I feel like I can change the world by helping others in need. If we can do this with our fourth grade class project, imagine what we can do with more people helping!

Lucas Cooper: I learned that—at any age—you can start a business to raise money to help my community. I felt good knowing I can do good at the age I am.

Originally published in January 2024 of Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine