Daniel Rodriguez

Kids to Know: Daniel Rodriguez

In a country where customer service and client experience are on the decline and the investment for AI solutions has replaced live conversation on company telephone lines, it is refreshing to find a local small business where the next generation wants to do better.

If you’ve ever visited Elite Body Cryotherapy in St. Petersburg, you may know Daniel.

At five years old, Daniel is inherently drawn to connection, he doesn’t shy away from conversation, and he seeks ways to be helpful in his family business. He is a joy to all who are greeted by his smile, a friend to the members who frequent this business, and a kid to know in April—his birthday month!

Tell us about you and your family.

Daniel Rodriguez: My family is mommy and daddy and Julian and me and Abuela and Abuelo.

Please share what your family business is and what you do there when you go.

Daniel Rodriguez: Mommy’s work is the Cryotherapy! When I come to Mommy’s work I bring my scooter and Legos. I like it there. Cryotherapy is fun and super cold! I hold the door for people! Rob (a client) also feels better after the Cryotherapy!

In what ways do you help people when you are at Elite Body Cryotherapy? How does it make you feel when you are helpful?

Daniel Rodriguez: When I come to work, I play, I help and I talk to James and Sue (clients). I help clean the Cryotherapy and the chairs. Also, we do laundry. I know how to clean the floors, and when people come, I open the door for them.

Daniel Rodriguez

What are some things you have learned to do by spending time with your mom at work?

Daniel Rodriguez: I know how to turn the leg on (to compression therapy)! I know how to talk on the phone (to greet clients with his mother’s permission)! I know how to clean the floors too! I can help with laundry!

Now that you know what it’s like owning a business, what do you want to do or be when you grow up?

Daniel Rodriguez: I want to be a doctor to help people if they are sick! But you can also call 911 and the ambulance will take the people to the hospital if they are really sick.

Can you explain the things you like to do when you’re not in school or at work with your mom?

Daniel Rodriguez: I like playing with Julian (baby brother) and I like to play with Daddy. I also like playing Legos with in my Lego box. And I like playing baseball because you can run really fast, and I like hitting the ball because that’s my favorite!

Share something you have done that makes you proud of yourself.

Daniel Rodriguez: I know how to do take away and adding! I like my table puzzle (a 500-piece NFL puzzle that he put together).

What does it mean to you to have a dad who is in the military?

Daniel Rodriguez: Daddy works at CENTCOM (Central Command at MacDill AFB). I go to Daddy’s work one time. He has a green uniform. He picks me up from school after work! Daddy is super strong. I love my Daddy!

What are your favorite things to do with your baby brother, mom, and dad in Tampa Bay?

Daniel Rodriguez: I like the Rays, the Lightning and the Bucs. The Bucs are my favorite. I like the beach. I like the water and to play with the sand. That’s my favorite thing! I like to play with my excavator and my scooter at home.

Originally published in the April 2024 issue of Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine.