Emaline Khavin

Kids to Know: Emaline Khavin

Meet Emaline, my friend who attended the Wee Macree Giveback Spectacular last fall. As she learned about different local youth populations in need and participated in activities to serve on the spot, she felt like something was missing.

At 5 years old, with a heart bigger than her whole self, she looked lovingly at her doll and shared with her mother that she wanted to do something for babies.

From her mom, Charis Khavin:
“As World Kindness Day, Giveback Tuesday and Thanksgiving approached, Emaline and I were really focusing our community studies on understanding charity and the importance of helping others. Once Emaline sparked a conversation about helping babies, I reminded her of Baby Cycle.

As a member of GFWC Junior Women’s Club of Saint Petersburg, we had volunteered with Baby Cycle in the past, and I was already familiar with their mission and the fact they were one of the only diaper banks in our area.

Emaline decided to start collecting diapers by making a wish list at Target, and I shared it on social media. In just three weeks, with many trips to pick up donations and shop with raised funds, Emaline delivered over 85 boxes of diapers and more than 120 packs of wipes to Baby Cycle.

Thank you so much for sharing her accomplishment with others in hopes they too will be inspired to help the community in whatever little way they can, even if they have to give up their garage to the overabundance of diapers collected.”


Giving back and doing good in the community is something you’ve done every month with your mom for some time. Why do you think it’s important to do good in the community?

Emaline Khavin: Because you can help people by giving them things like food, clothes and homes.

Tell us about your partnership with Baby Cycle. How did that idea come up, and what did you do?

Emaline Khavin: We went to a giveback event on a Sunday and there were no organizations for babies, and I love babies and think babies are cuddly and cute—so I wanted to help babies. So I delivered diapers and wipes to Baby Cycle.


How did it make you feel to personally collect and deliver so many boxes of diapers and wipes, knowing you were helping babies and their families?

Emaline Khavin: Really really good because I was helping Baby Cycle; really good because I was helping babies.


What are some things you have learned about people through giving back? 

Emaline Khavin: That people can be really kind sometimes.

How do you show kindness and friendliness every day? 

Emaline Khavin: By helping people and being nice and being kind with a smile.


Tell us about your family. What do you love to do most with your mom and dad?

Emaline Khavin: I live with my mom, dad, and my cat. Right now my Aunt Kendall is here from Texas. I love to stay in hotels.


You share a lot of really great experiences with your mom during the day as you homeschool and attend local activities. Of these things, what is something you love to do the most? 

Emaline Khavin: Visit all the different playgrounds.


If you could do something new and work to become really good at it, what would it be? 

Emaline Khavin: Dance.


What would you say to a kid just like you who wants to help other people and do good in their community? 

Emaline Khavin: Just do it. 


Do you have advice for other kids who will see your story? 

Emaline Khavin: Do really good in the community.


As a kid growing up in Tampa Bay, what is your favorite thing about where you live? 

Emaline Khavin: Baseball and hockey games.

Originally published in the March 2024 issue of Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine