Amy Dascola

Moms to Know: Amy Dascola

Each of us is born with something that is different, special and meant to be shared with the world. Now imagine that what makes you different is the ability to experience life, people and energy on a different level than what is being lived in front of you. This can be a lot to process, especially if you’re only six years old. But for Amy Dascola, this was an important part of who she was—a psychic medium and now, a local mom to know.

TBPM: Tell us how you found your gift. At what age did you realize your intuition was extraordinary?

Amy Dascola: Growing up I always felt and tuned into energy around me. I lived all around the world and went to Kindergarten in London, England, in an American school that was in a 700-year-old manor. I remember eating lunch in the cafeteria, which was in the basement of this place, and feeling energy that was not mine. It was here, at 6 years old, that I went through my first awareness that I understood things differently than other people. At 11, I began to have a spiritual awakening, as I was able to understand things about those around me that were not spoken or known. People connected very easily with me, baring their souls and issues with me starting from a very young age. In turn, I began doing impromptu soul readings. Being able to understand that I had insight into how people perceive themselves and what they are feeling allowed me to easily make friends as we moved around a lot, and to connect deeply with people and animals.

TBPM: What or who influenced you to share your gifts and live and work as a medium?

Amy Dascola: I was a special education teacher for 15 years, working in high needs schools with students with Emotional Behavioral Disorders (EBD). This work fulfilled me and equally drained me more than anything I had ever experienced. I was able to make tremendous impacts on my students and transform their behaviors due to my abilities as a behavior specialist, a medium and an empath. I knew how to reach them, their core issues, and transform these feelings and behaviors through intense interventions and accommodations. I was in tune with my students, because I too, was a student who needed an alternate path. I walked the fine line of intelligence and outward projections of my trauma which showed up in my own behaviors as a teen. I was able to see my students because I saw myself in them.

The minute I met my daughter I knew I no longer had the energy it required to both teach and be a mom. I started putting out to the universe that I wanted to work from home, so I could be the type of mother I wanted to be for my daughter. I didn’t know how, but I did know that if my intention was strong enough, I put in the work and stayed open to possibilities, I could manifest anything. Here I am now as a medium, mentor and spiritual teacher. If I gave into the spiral of anxiety and doubt, then I wouldn’t be here living my purpose.

TBPM: How do you normalize spirituality and spiritual experiences, especially among those that dismiss the abilities and gifts of the psychic community? 

Amy Dascola: We are all born with the ability to feel and understand energy. We translate this ability as just our senses. Have you ever walked past someone and just known how they felt; or have you ever been nudged to not turn a certain corner while walking? All of these are intuition. I have been judged and labeled my whole life, just as we all have. Whether the label is a mom, teacher, wife, friend, or medium, these personas are how we interpret our reality. Our ability to be seen is what our Ego speaks to. Within my inner work I have found ways through mentors, therapy, and my own development to seek the highest version of myself. While embracing all these personas and parts of myself, I realized that the one that spoke the clearest was my higher self. This self-guides me and allows me to see the greatest and highest possibility of all of these personas working in alignment.

TBPM: Talk to us about the programs you created. How do they work?

Amy Dascola: I woke up in 2020 one day after taking a Mediumship zoom workshop and went downstairs to my husband and told him I was going to come out of the closet as a psychic medium that day on Instagram. Since then, I have been serving the public as a medium and coach. I have created spiritual and personal development programs, workshops, development groups and a podcast empowering and leading others through a toolkit of strategies of how to rise up to your higher self and not spiral downward. I have had students come to me broken, lost and hopeless, and after working within my programs, they have found themselves in a space of alignment, spiritually and personally fulfilled and empowered in their daily lives. I offer one program in November and another in March. Both of these transformative programs have sparked careers, awakenings and living in their highest purpose for my students. It is such a gift for me to be able to hold a spiritual community for women all over the world through the magic of zoom.

TBPM: How have your awakenings changed your life both professionally and personally?

Amy Dascola: Going from a special education teacher to a psychic medium and transformational coach has created a shift in both my mindset and how others viewed me.  Sometimes when we overthink a decision, we can easily talk ourselves out of it. I dove right in and found myself, before I knew it, with a full schedule of clients. I was helping clients to heal, gain clarity and insights into their lives, and also create a space to meet people right where they were at, while showing them how to align with their purpose and goals. If you jump in, you’re there. Life can be made simple if you allow it to be.

TBPM: What do you love to do most with your husband and daughter in Tampa Bay?

Amy Dascola:  We love going to “The Alligator Park” AKA Lettuce Lake Park, and one of our favorite beaches to hang out is Pass-a Grille. I got married there, have channeled my courses and workshops there, and I offer beach sessions on the beach for my coaching clients. I am volunteering and teaching “Heart Art” at the Tribe in Seminole Heights, and my daughter helps me to teach breathing techniques, mindfulness and coping skills to kids through literature and Art.

If we want to be something different, we must be different. This starts with us and ends with our children. How can you model the behaviors and mindfulness you wish to see in your children? This is how I try to guide myself to parent and act as a wife.

Photo Credit: Ryley Mayoras, Iris and Urchin Photography | Originally published in November 2022 of Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine.