Christian Vorderbrueggen Blush x Bashful

Moms to Know: Christian Vorderbrueggen, Blush x Bashful

When it comes to trying on clothes or finding a bra that actually does what it is supposed to do, many of us will agree that things aren’t the same after having children. Unfortunately, if something doesn’t fit or feel good, we move on to the next thing, leave a store empty-handed or return an entire online order in disappointment—over and over again.

But not this mom. With a background in fashion and a passion for dressing women the right way, Christian Vorderbrueggen decided to create the next thing and end the cycle of disappointment with a maternity bra that combines comfort and beauty.

The "Founder’s Story" of a company is just as important as the brand itself. There are so many connections people make with a product just by knowing more about the person who started it all. What is your story, and how does Blush x Bashful represent you as a woman and mother?

Christian Vorderbrueggen: I had a vision to start this company when I was a new mom, and I knew I wanted to breastfeed my daughter. I ordered a couple (ok, 20) nursing bras to see if I could find something I would like.

I didn’t feel like I looked good in clothing, I didn’t feel like my breasts were supported enough, and I was also having hot flashes at the time, so I was so uncomfortable. It was an awkward stage for me as a mom, so I kept ordering bras hoping to find the right one. I never did.

Instead, I decided that I would create a bra that would help women feel beautiful and supported. Prior to becoming a mom, I worked at Nordstrom as a personal stylist and dressed women every single day for 17 years.

The foundation for every wardrobe begins with undergarments. I realized in that role that nine out of 10 women were wearing the wrong bra size, and that really makes a difference in how clothes fit and the way a woman feels every day.

Also, I was receiving messages on social media about the bras that I was wearing when I had my daughter, so I knew it was time to start Blush x Bashful.

Talk to us about product development. What has been your process of bringing a product-based idea to market?

Christian Vorderbrueggen: The process has certainly been a labor of love! What started as an idea in my daughter’s nursery shortly after she was born quickly developed into the process of starting a company. The entire process took two and a half years and involved finding all of the right people to help bring my vision to life.

From the design to manufacturing, I was very involved every step of the way, sampling and wear-testing many rounds of developed products. I personally wore and washed our products hundreds of times before they had my stamp of approval.

I was also very involved in all rounds of fitting models, who were all real-life moms of all sizes, including myself. There were many hours of calls, emails and photoshoots, as well as the social planning side of the business all the way up to launch.

What is your long-term vision for this brand?

Christian Vorderbrueggen: My long-term vision for Blush + Bashful is to continue to help women feel comfortable and beautiful during pregnancy and beyond. We are currently developing new products and super excited for more launches in the future! For now, Blush + Bashful is available online at

In addition to growing Blush x Bashful, you have also cultivated one of the most trustworthy and welcoming platforms on social media for years. What is your take on being an “influencer”?

Christian Vorderbrueggen: Staying true to who I am is always at the forefront of my mind. Sharing products that I believe in and that I genuinely love goes a long way, and with that also means saying no to offers that don’t necessarily fit my personal style or life.

As someone who is a go-to girl for so many things women need—from style and fashion finds to home decor sources and motherhood tips—where do you go for inspiration and support?

Christian Vorderbrueggen: I find so much inspiration in my children, my husband, my mom and my friends. Spending time and talking with the ones I love the most always motivates me and gives me ideas. Of course Pinterest and Instagram are very fun places for inspiration as well! Equally, I thrive when I have some quiet time to meditate, pray and just be.

As your online audience and engagement grow, how has this affected your ability to connect with your followers and find time for friends in real life?

Christian Vorderbrueggen: I think having a big support system has helped a ton! My husband is very helpful around the house and with our kids. My mom also comes to visit often and stays with us, which is super helpful to me plus special to watch her bond grow with her grandchildren. My in-laws are also very involved, which is wonderful. It truly takes a village!

Even with all the help, my time for friends in real life is minimal because, during my downtime, I want to spend as much time with my children as possible. That all being said, I try to schedule something once a week, even if it’s an hour coffee with my girlfriends to recharge.

What is your favorite thing to do with your family in Tampa Bay?

Christian Vorderbrueggen: Some of our fondest memories are eating at The Columbia and visiting the Aquarium.

Photo Credit: Jill Collins | Originally published in the April 2024 issue of Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine.