Quin Brewington

Moms to Know: Quin Brewington, Sister Lady Girl, Second Act Summit

Welcome to life after 40. You followed the career path that you were told to take. You climbed the corporate ladder faithfully rung by rung until you reached the point where all of the experiences, certifications, and success could not make up for the lack of fulfillment and acknowledgment you have received in return. Yet, where do you go when this is all you know, and—to be frank—when you feel like you’ve aged past the point of change?

It is at this crossroads where Quin Brewington found that life was only just beginning, and she would make sure that more women knew this was their time.

Tell us a bit about your background and how you came to create Sister Lady Girl and Second Act Summit.

Quin Brewington: I think it was around my mid-40s when the feelings of anxiety, exhaustion and hopelessness started setting in. I hadn’t come anywhere close to achieving what I thought I “should” have by that age, and I felt like I was wasting my life. I was numb; struggling to see the point of it all, and nothing seemed to help. The fact that my life looked good (close-knit family, steady job, cool car, beautiful home) only amplified the problem. To the casual observer, I was killin’ it! I was “hashtag goals.” I had no business feeling miserable, which made me feel even more miserable!

I discovered much later that what was happening to me wasn’t unusual. It was happening to millions of other middle-aged women, too. Like me, they all followed society’s script that said get a good job, find a good man and have some great kids if we wanted to live happily ever after. Like me, they all ended up feeling disappointed, too.

I didn’t want to keep going that way, existing instead of living. I knew deep down that I wanted my time on this earth to have more meaning. I decided to figure out how to make the next phase of my life the best phase of my life, which led to the creation of SisterLadyGirl—which began as a creative outlet in the form of a blog—but has evolved into a boutique consulting firm that specializes in building the health, wealth and self of modern midlife women through curriculum, community, conversations and curated events, such as my signature annual conference for women over 40, called The Second Act Summit™.


Congratulations on your third Summit this past April! Can you share some highlights from this year and the programming and content that participants can expect for next year?

Quin Brewington: It’s an unforgettable day of inspiration, information and insight cultivated exclusively for working GenX women. Since its inception in 2020, the Summit has brought together hundreds of women over 40 and provided them with tools and resources to explore what’s possible for them in midlife and help them discover ways to leverage their years of knowledge, skills and experiences to create new opportunities for themselves.

Attendees enjoyed a beautiful brunch, workshops that featured live coaching with some of the best female coaches I’ve ever met, a pop-up marketplace, swag bags, lots of social media-worthy moments and so much more. The Summit is built around two of the four key pillars for SisterLadyGirl: Connection and Community. So of course, one of my favorite highlights from the event was the networking that the women were able to do.


As you have identified a very special part of the population that remains under-served (women wanting professional and personal change in midlife), you also have a heart for mothers who are “empty nesters,” another transition for women we do not speak enough about. What is your message about this?

Quin Brewington: Navigating the newness of not being needed as much by your adult child can be tough. Many women in midlife have grown up with the idea that being a nurturer and provider comes first, so they tend to have a hard time separating the need to protect their child and feeling like they’re losing control. Some women have shared that it can be hurtful to watch their child develop an identity outside of them. That’s why I believe it’s so important to ensure that your relationship with the child evolves as they age. Yes, it’s true that they are your child, however they’re no longer children. So, we have to be respectful of that change and confident enough to give them the space to make their own decisions.


While one of your daughters now works as a teacher at a school for children with autism, you also have another daughter at home with special needs. How has your experience as her mother contributed to your approach in your coaching business, and in what ways has your youngest daughter inspired your family’s connection with the community?

Quin Brewington: As a mother to a child with special needs, I’ve learned so much empathy. That quality has been an integral part of how I’ve been able to build the SisterLadyGirl community. Contemplating something new is a scary thing. At this age, we’ve accumulated a lot and that means we have a lot to lose. So, it’s very important to always operate from a place of understanding when offering advice or pointing women in the direction of tools and resources that will help them get unstuck.


What advice do you hope to send to women and girls who are looking to make a difference in their communities and beyond?

Quin Brewington: Focus on the thing that excites you and then ask yourself who could benefit from what you have to offer. Operating from this place of service is what will keep you motivated on the days that things feel the hardest.


What is your favorite thing to do in Tampa Bay with your family?

Quin Brewington: We love doing anything on or near the water! It’s great to live in the place where other people go to vacation.

Photo Credit: Christina Jones Photography | Originally published in June 2023 of Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine.