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Tampa Prep

Tampa Prep (Tampa Preparatory School)

727 W. Cass Street

Tampa FL 33606

Telephone: 813-251-8481

As the only private, independent school in Tampa Bay serving grades 6 – 12, Tampa Prep offers learning that is innovative, forward thinking & tailored to the needs of our students. We foster creativity and excellence on our downtown campus, within walking distance to world-class museums, performing arts centers, parks & more, extending our students’ learning beyond the classroom.

  • Total Enrollment: 710
  • Class Size: 18:1
  • Grades Offered: 6-12
  • Tuition Range: $27,595 – $28,595
  • Amenities: Financial Aid, Bus service available, Sports, Arts
    • Sports: Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, Rowing, Bowling, Tennis, Pickleball, Swimming/Diving, Wrestling, Lacrosse, Track & Field, Soccer, Golf, Cross Country and more.
    • Arts: Fine and Performing (2D, 3D, Ceramics, Digital, Television Production, Chorus, Band, Guitar, Dance, Theater, Tech Theater)
    • Other: Robotics, Programming, App Design, Video Production

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Tampa Prep students

Tampa Prep students

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