storage solutions for kids art

5 Storage Solutions for Adorable Artwork

As a parent who saves all my children’s artwork, I had to find a better way to store or display the pieces—something that can get overwhelming especially if you have multiple kids. You don’t want to hurt your little one’s feelings, but hoarding is not an option.

Whether it’s adorable art projects from school or crafts you make together at home, here are five ways to organize or display your child’s artwork.

Storage Solutions for Kids Art

Pegboard and Dry Erase Pockets

As a crafter, I love using pegboards to organize my craft supplies. Since my pegboard is located in a shared space, I thought it would be a great idea to use it to display some of my children’s artwork. Simply insert a drawing into a dry erase pocket, and then hang the dry erase pocket on the pegboard. You can change the artwork once a week or once a month.

Plastic Bins

Plastic bins that can be stored under beds or in a closet make an easy storage option for your child’s art collection. Use a clear plastic bin and hanging file folders. Label by each school year and include a picture of your child.

storage solutions for kids art

Binder & Sheet Protectors

If you don’t want to display your child’s artwork around the house, store the pieces in a 3-ring binder. Ask your child to select up to 20 of their favorite pieces of artwork for the year. Place the pieces inside a sheet protector. This makes the contents easy to see, and you can buy more pages to add to the book. Store the binder on a bookshelf. Your child can show off their creative masterpieces whenever friends or family come over.

Filing Cabinet

This is how my mom used to store all of our keepsakes when I was younger. Each child had a drawer with their name labeled on the outside. It’s such a simple and practical way to store your child’s artwork. Each drawer can represent 2-4 years of crafts for one child.

Plate Holder

Plate holders are a fun tool to display crafts that are made using canvas panels, recycled cardboard, odd shapes or large papers. You can place the holder in your child’s room, or in the kitchen, office or living room. I like the idea of creating a theme for the week or month, especially around the holidays.

storage solutions for kids art

I recommend going through all of your child’s artwork at the end of each calendar year. Separate items based on what they want to keep, recycle or give to a family member. If your child decides to keep too many, scan some and create an electronic copy of their artwork.

Originally published in September 2023 of Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine.