3 Ways to Make Summer Memories with Feeding Tampa Bay

3 Ways to Make Summer Memories with Feeding Tampa Bay

Ah, summertime. When I think back to my fondest summer memories growing up or with my own children, I can almost hear the sizzle of our family’s grill and smell the freshly cut grass as we played around the neighborhood. During the summer, days are a little longer, life moves a little slower, and it can feel like there isn’t a care in the world.

But for thousands of kids, summer brings a new kind of burden that no family should bear. When school lets out, 1 in 4 children lose access to two of their daily meals — putting strain on their nourishment, their family’s wellbeing, and their ability to make happy summer memories of their own.

Feeding Tampa Bay is leading the movement to end hunger. We work around the clock, 365 days a year, to ensure every family or individual who needs food or resources has access. Ending hunger is within our reach — but we can’t do it alone. Here are three ways you can help families and neighbors in need with Feeding Tampa Bay:

1) Drop off a box of cereal… or two!

One of the simplest ways to find your role in ending hunger is by participating in our annual donation drive, Cereal for Summer. Running now through May 31, you and your family can donate boxes of cereal at any of your local drop-offs, helping support our neighbors in need this summer. On a time crunch but still want to support? You can also donate online as part of the virtual fundraising effort! Learn more here: feedingtampabay.org/how-you-can-help/give-food/cereal-for-summer

2) Grow savings and stewardship at a young age

As parents, we all want to raise difference-makers – young people who go out and make the world a better place as they discover themselves and explore their interests. Changemakers, a Feeding Tampa Bay program, empowers kids to learn about saving, stewardship, and giving to make a real impact. Whether they save pennies, larger coins, or dollar bills, Changemakers kids can exercise charitable giving at a young age. Saving alongside them is philanthropic fun for the whole family! Learn how you can get your family involved here: feedingtampabay.org/changemakers

3) Cook up memories together

Growing up, some of my favorite summertime memories took place within our home. After playing outside with my friends, my favorite place to unwind was the kitchen. My mom and I cooked up creative recipes with whatever we had on hand, or whatever produce was in season that time of year. This summer, you can cook up a tasty homemade cereal recipe from Feeding Tampa Bay! Download it here: feedingtampabay.org/summer 

Make this summer one to remember. By supporting our mission, you can fuel summer memories to last a lifetime — for our community, and for your family.

*Presented by Feeding Tampa Bay

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