Dinosaur World Florida

INSIDE LOOK: A Day at Dinosaur World Florida with the kids

Driving along I-4 between Tampa and Orlando you can’t miss it. Dinosaur World Florida’s unmistakable signage and T-Rex figure stand proud along the busy highway. It has the look of a classic roadside attraction. And yet, there is a lot more to it. After visiting with my family, I want to share a few things to do at Dinosaur World Florida so you can make sure you don’t miss out.

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But first, before we get into the list of what’s new and other fun activities, let’s go over some important reminders about Dinosaur World. This attraction is mostly outdoors and can be visited any time of year – but you may find the cooler months to be more enjoyable. Dinosaur World is one of the many fun things to do with kids any time of year.

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Dinosaur World Florida Basic Info:

  • Outdoor attraction with impressive dinosaur facts and figures
  • Indoor portions include museum exhibits
  • Admission includes basic experiences, and upgraded activities are available
  • No food service is offered
  • You can bring in your own food, takeout, etc. There are plenty of picnic facilities
  • Dog-friendly
  • Parking is free
  • You can even host a birthday party at Dinosaur World!
  • Dinosaur World is Autism Friendly

What’s NEW at Dinosaur World Florida

If you’ve been to Dinosaur World in the past, a lot has changed over the last year. So, you can expect some new exciting additions during your next visit!

Dinosaur World Florida has added mini golf, a Dino Train, and a splash pad.

Dino Express Train

The large playgrounds, Fossil Dig, mini golf, gem mining, and museum are all located at the front of Dinosaur World. Then the main attraction is the back half of this 20-acre park.

The NEW Dino Train at Dinosaur World. Photo by Dani Meyering.

The large walking trail is fully shaded thanks to the natural Florida landscape. You can walk through the trails to see 200 dinosaur figures. You can also hop aboard the train!

The Dino Express train is an add-on activity at Dinosaur World. There are no actual train tracks. It is like the trains you may have seen at malls or other similar destinations.

It’s a great way to rest your feet and see the majority of the trails. Our son enjoyed the “Dinosaur Train” show on PBS Kids, so being aboard a dinosaur-themed train and passing by cool-looking dinosaur figures made for a big hit.


Jurassic Mini Golf

Dinosaur World also recently added an 18-hole mini golf course near the entrance of the boardwalk. You can play for $5 and pick up your ball and club at the gem mining location. As you can see, our little one thoroughly enjoyed his round of mini golf!

mini golf at dinosaur world florida
Check out the new mini golf course at Dinosaur World! Photo by Dani Meyering.

Splash Pad

The splash pad was undergoing repairs during our visit, but is a cool addition, quite literally, to the theme park!

Dinosaur World Florida splash pad
The splash pad at Dinosaur World. Photo by Dinosaur World.

MORE Fun Things to Do at Dinosaur World Florida

shade at Dinosaur World
There is plenty of shade at Dinosaur World!

There is so much to see at Dinosaur World as you meander your way through the stroller-friendly boardwalks and sidewalks. Along your journey, you’ll encounter around 200 life-sized dinosaur statues nestled among the trees and centuries-old oaks.

There is plenty of shade that provides a much-needed respite from the Florida sun. We also noticed several benches along the way if you need to stop and rest.

Don’t forget to take the time to stop and read the signage throughout the park to learn a few interesting facts and share them with your dino-loving kids.

Admittedly, I did not realize how scientific and factual Dinosaur World is – I had assumed the displays might be a bit silly. Instead, I learned so much by reading the signage at the various displays around the park.

I had no idea the Hollywood depiction of so many dinosaurs, like Velociraptors, has quite a bit of inaccuracy.

But, that’s not all! There are a few more ways to play at Dinosaur World!

Playgrounds at Dinosaur World

As we pulled into the parking lot the colorful playgrounds at Dinosaur World immediately caught my attention. Our family goes to Orlando‘s theme parks multiple times a month, and one of my wishes is that there are more playgrounds in them.

There is a shade over parts of the playground at Dinosaur World Florida.Photo by Dani Meyering.

Kids need space to play freely. And thankfully, Dinosaur World has a number of places for kids to play around.

Dinosaur World has two large playgrounds, one for ages 5 and up, and one for ages 2-5. Both are dinosaur themed and have some shade.

Plus there are lots of picnic tables in the shade right here at the playgrounds.


Fossil Dig

One of the add-on activities at Dinosaur World is the Fossil Dig. This small spot is shaded and allows kids to sift through sand to discover bits of fossils, shark teeth, and other interesting artifacts.

Fossil Dig at Dinosaur World. Photo by Dani Meyering.

A friendly guide explains what each item is when your child is ready to finish their experience. You are allowed to take 3 items of your choice from your findings. Our son decided to stick with three shark teeth.


Gem Mining

Gem Mining at Dinosaur World
Discover beautiful gems at the Gem Mining spot at Dinosaur World! Photo by Dani Meyering.

You can purchase a bag filled with sand and gems for kids to sift through the running water. Finding gems is pretty cool, but this also happens to be another great way to cool off during your visit! There are a variety of bags and buckets to choose from including bags with gems, dinosaur bones and coprolite (fossilized dino poop), and more. Options range from $11 to $129 per bag or bucket.


Exploration Cave

On select days, typically weekends, you can walk inside the Exploration Cave to listen to a presentation by ‘paleontologists’. Kids love this activity and again, it’s a great way to get out of the sun.


Dinosaur World Florida Address and Admission

Dinosaur World Florida
5145 Harvey Tew Rd
Plant City, FL 33565


Dinosaur World Ticket prices:

  • ADULT $23.95 per person plus tax
  • SENIOR (60+) $21.95 per person plus tax
  • CHILD (3 -12) $18.95 per person plus tax
  • CHILDREN (2 & Under) Free

Dinosaur World Florida Discounts

Active Duty US Military receives FREE admission with a valid US Active Duty ID. Dinosaur World also offers 50% off reciprocal discounts for members of local Tampa Bay attractions like MOSI, Florida Aquarium, Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Glazer Children’s Museum. and Great Explorations Children’s Museum.


More things to do near Dinosaur World Florida

There are several other fun places to explore before or after your visit to Dinosaur World! Keel Farms is a family favorite and only a few minutes away. They host u-pick events throughout the year and have a great restaurant for lunch or dinner!

Parkesdale Farmers Market is also close-by and a great pit stop for some farm fresh produce and homemade strawberry milkshakes!

If it’s u-pick season, several farms in the area offer u-pick too!