NEW Heart of the Sea fish at Florida Aquarium Circle Window

FIRST LOOK: Indo-Pacific fish move into the Florida Aquarium’s Heart of the Sea habitat

The Florida Aquarium just unveiled the transformation of its second-largest habitat, Heart of the Sea, welcoming thousands of new Indo-Pacific sea creatures!

There are some pretty incredible fish to meet including the Māori wrasse with its signature humphead and the Spotted Unicornfish, with you guessed it…a unicorn-like horn protruding from its head.

“These are some of the most amazing fish our guests may ever see in their lifetimes,” said Cristy Barrett, Associate Curator at The Florida Aquarium. “They’re from Australia and their colors are so vibrant. Some of them actually help clean the other fish—including inside their mouths! We’re delighted with how well they are adjusting. It’s incredibly rewarding to see them thriving and interacting in their new environment.”

Barrett says it was truly a team effort to get this exhibit ready for families like yours. All of the animal care teams at the Florida Aquarium pitched in to help move some of the fish previously housed in the habitat to other areas like the Coral Reef habitat and then move in the new residents.

You’ll still find favorites like the bonnethead sharks, stingrays, and the loggerhead sea turtle in the Heart of the Sea swimming along their new Indo-Pacific neighbors. You will also still be able to walk underwater among the fish in the Heart of the Sea habitat through the incredible SeaTREK program which is a must-experience and open to everyone ages 10 and older. No diving or swimming experience is required.

Māori wrasse fish in the Heart of the Sea exhibit at The Florida Aquarium
Māori wrasse fish in the Heart of the Sea exhibit at The Florida Aquarium

Among the 26 new species you’ll spot in the Heart of the Sea exhibit:

  • Māori wrasse
  • Gold goatfish
  • Spotted unicornfish
  • Blue speckled grouper
  • Emperor angelfish
  • Giant squirrelfish
  • Various species of butterflyfish
  • A large school of fusiliers

While you’re at the Florida Aquarium, consider upgrading your day with one of its new animal encounters, the Stingray Feeding Experience on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.