Valentine's Lunches and Snacks

Say I Love You with Valentine’s Themed Lunches and Snacks!

My daughter’s love language is quality time. Mine is acts of service. These days, I love hanging out in her room listening to her tell stories about school and how her day went. She LOVES when I tell stories about when I was her age and what I went through in middle school. Times have sure changed but the teen struggles are the same!

Whether she’s challenged personally or academically, my goal is to simply relate to her. She doesn’t always need me to solve her problems but just knowing I’m here, listening and sharing brings her comfort. My husband and I cherish every age and stage of her childhood. As tough as parenting teens can be sometimes, we agree it’s the most rewarding.

After traveling for work for so many years, I love being able to share dinner every night, make their lunches and spend time in the kitchen together. Now that lunch is the only meal we don’t have together, given any opportunity, I make it special. If you’ve been following me on Instagram @lunchboxmafia you already know that I like using cookie cutters and veggie cutters to make lunch fun. Heart shaped cutters can be found at craft stores, party stores and Amazon. Here are some tried and tested ideas for Valentine’s Day lunches and snacks.

Valentine's Lunches and Snacks
If you get your hands on a pretty chocolate box, save it and reuse it to create a charcuterie box to pack for a picnic or enjoy at home! It’s so unexpected and makes for a great surprise.


Two Ingredient Donuts sound too good to true? They’re not! Combine your favorite cake mix with 2 cups of applesauce and bake according to the instructions on the box. Let your kids add the icing and sprinkles.

Valentine's donuts

Valentine’s Kabobs or “Cupid’s Arrows”

Cut rice crispy treats into 2-inch squares and alternate them on a stick with marshmallows and strawberries. In place of rice crispy treats, you can use brownie bites, donut holes or mini muffins.

Valentine's kabobs

Create a Red-Themed Lunch.

I love using hollowed out peppers to serve chicken salad, tuna or hummus inside a lunchbox or on a snack board. Enjoy them with crackers or take a big bite out of your pepper. The crunch and sweetness from the veggies are so satisfying!

Valentine's Lunches and Snacks

Say it with waffles

You can say “I love you a waffle lot” by putting their favorite sweet or savory pancake mix into a heart shaped waffle! Find the waffle iron on Amazon or at Target.

Valentine's Lunches and Snacks

Kiddie Charcuterie

Use smaller heart shaped veggie cutters for cheese and salami. Add colorful food picks and heart shaped doilies for a simple heartfelt touch.

Kiddie Charcuterie


Join me on Instagram and Facebook at @lunchboxmafia for video tutorials and more ideas for your entire family. Happy Valentine’s Day!
Love, Jenny XOXO

Originally published in the February 2023 issue of Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine.