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Maggie and the Moms: June 7, 2021:

Maggie and the Moms debate a Manhattan private school’s decision to show a controvesial sex-ed video to first graders. Plus– the things we feel our children shouldn’t be ashamed of, ideas for summer fun and more mom hacks.

Maggie and the Moms: May 24, 2021

We love our parents, and we know they love our kids, but what should we do when they overstep their boundaries, despite their best intentions? Our panel debates the question, plus fills in the blank: “I’m the ___________ mom.”

Maggie and the Moms: May 17, 2021

Maggie and the Moms debate Facebook’s plan to launch an Instagram app for children 12 and younger, plus– finish the sentence “You know you’re a parent when…”, and mom hacks & money-saving tips!

Maggie and the Moms: May 10, 2021 

On this special Mother’s Day edition of ‘Maggie and the Moms’, the ladies reveal the secrets of V.H.M.’s (very happy moms) and enjoy a ‘sweet’ mom’s day out at The Cake Drip in Hyde Park Village!

Host Maggie Rodriguez is joined by Tampa Bay Parenting editor Laura Byrne, Kiva Williams of @thefunfoodiemama and Natajassa Prose of @proseandcompany.

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