Prehistoric Predators at ZooTampa

Prehistoric Predators exhibit NOW OPEN at ZooTampa

ZooTampa at Lowry Park is once again transporting you back into prehistoric times so you and the kids can go nose to snout with some of the world’s most ferocious prehistoric predators.

Prehistoric Predators, a limited-time exhibit,  opens on Friday, January 12 to ZooTampa members and to all guests on Saturday, January 13, and will be on display through April 14, 2024.

The best part — it’s included with zoo admission!

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Meet the Prehistoric Predators

There are 15 colossal animatronic predators on display in the outdoor exhibit. This is the same outdoor walkway area where previous exhibits like Bugtopia and Dinos Alive were on display. Alex Crow, ZooTmapa’s director of events and entertainment tells us exhibits like this are exciting for kids, “You don’t see these animals anymore, so being able to see this lifelike representation of them really gets the kids’ imaginations going.”

If you are going with a younger child, he says it’s a good idea to remind them that while these animals may appear ferocious with their roars, they are 100% safe at ZooTampa!

ZooTampa Prehistoric Predators Dire Wolf
ZooTampa Prehistoric Predators Dire Wolf. Photo by ZooTampa.

The Prehistoric Predators on display:

  • Allosaurus
  • Baryonyx
  • Cryolophosaurus
  • Giant Bear
  • Deinonychus
  • Deltadromeous
  • Dire Wolf
  • Gigantosaurus
  • Megalania
  • Giant Sea Scorpion
  • Smilodon
  • Suchomimus
  • Terror Bird
  • Titanoboa
  • Megalodon

Prehistoric Predators Connections to Animals at ZooTampa

ZooTampa does a great job of not only introducing you to the animals of our world’s prehistoric past, but they also show you how they connect with the animals we find on our planet today, and even animals at the Zoo!

Titantoboa at ZooTampa Prehistoric Predators
Titantoboa at ZooTampa Prehistoric Predators. Photo by Laura Byrne.

Look out for the green “Links to the Past” signs near each animal for fun facts, including:

  • Titantoboa: Scientists believe the Titanoboa was a constrictor snake that strangled its prey like the Florida Kingsnakes of today.
  • Gigantasaurs: Scientists believe the Gigantasaurus formed small multi-generational packs like the Red Wolves at ZooTampa.

You will also find similar signs in front of select animal exhibits throughout the Zoo linking back to the creatures of the Prehistoric Predators exhibit, so it all ties together really nicely!

Learn more about the Prehistoric Predators here.

Yes, you can order dino nuggets during Prehistoric Predators exhibit

ZooTampa’s chefs are getting in on the action by offering some Prehistoric Predators-themed food, including a Dino Nuggets Kid’s Meal, Dino Donoughts, and Pterodactyl Wings. You’ll find the snacks at the restaurant near the entrance of the zoo.

Dino Nuggets Meal at ZooTampa
Dino Nuggets Meal at ZooTampa

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The best way to visit the Zoo is with a membership. Starting at $119 for the year, there are four different membership options that provide the best value and the opportunity to return again and again for unforgettable adventures with amazing wildlife! Visit for details.


ZooTampa at Lowry Park kicks off the “Year of More” with Prehistoric Predators, a limited-time, interactive family-friendly event that opens on Saturday, January 13. Guests can journey back in time and get up close and personal with colossal creatures who roamed the Earth approximately 2.5 million years ago, after the extinction of the dinosaurs, and learn how they relate to species of this century.

Animals not seen for centuries like the dire wolf from the ice age or an allosaurus from the Mesozoic age come to life only at ZooTampa. After experiencing the dynamic exhibit, guests can see their modern-day descendants, including a Malayan tiger, Shoebill stork, black bear, and great horned owl.

Prehistoric Predators is included with Zoo admission or membership.

Zoo members can enjoy special previews of the limited-time event on Friday, January 12, from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday, January 13, from 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m., and Sunday, January 14, from 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.

This limited-time event provides FEROCIUS FUN for the whole family until April 14!